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    High Path Avian Influenza Biosecurity Plan for Game Bird Producers

    USDA is requiring that all producers have a biosecurity plan in place in order to be eligible for potential indemnity in the event of depopulation because of high path Avian Influenza (AI) exposure. 

    PheasantsBecause of the inherent nature of raising game birds outside, it is imperative that a biosecurity plan be in place in order to be eligible for potential USDA indemnity for any depopulated birds in the event of a high path Avian Influenza outbreak.

    This biosecurity template covers all of the necessary points addressed by the USDA in 2016 for inclusion in each farm’s biosecurity plan. It is constructed so the producer simply replaces the instructions in brackets [ ] with the appropriate information for that farm. This template may be modified as needed to fit local conditions, keeping in mind that all of the categories must be addressed in the final plan.

    After initially completing the plan, review frequently, and keep it in an accessible place. Hopefully, it will never have to be used for indemnity; however, having a sound biosecurity plan in place will go a long way in protecting your birds in any event during day to day operation. Remember that no biosecurity plan – no matter how water-tight it may seem – is going to be effective unless it is diligently practiced.

    Biosecurity Template

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